Sports & Events

Controlling access to public events has become increasingly complex, with customers expecting paperless tickets, social media integration, and more. HID Global’s event management platform is designed to meet these needs.

Official Ticket Producer – 2018 FIFA World Cup

HID Global produced tickets to the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • Production of 4 million secure RFID tickets
  • Personalization, fulfillment and consignment of more than 1.5 million secure RFID tickets
  • Key Management System development
Official Ticket Producer to the World Cup

Event Management Platform

  • RFID tickets — PVC, paper or wearables
  • Personalization & issuance – we can personalize your tickets and mail to customers
  • Access control management – kiosks for payment and ticket issuance
  • Reports and statistics – real-time analysis during or after the events
  • RFID e-Wallet – smart tickets managed in real-time

We also provide membership cards for sport associations or clubs willing to offer their fans access to multiple services (e.g. transport, loyalty, parking) in addition to access to the venue.

Software Components

  • Data Capturing — fully customizable; web-based or connected to your central database
  • Key Management System — generate keys & certificates for data encryption of e-tickets
    • Highly secure
    • Supports various cryptographic algorithms
    • SAM/VSAM personalization and monitoring
data encryption

Smart Tokens

• Security & service at a lower cost• Visible and invisible UV fibers• Invisible UV fluoforms• UV Ink & micro-printing• Hologram & guilloche• Customized dimensions• Personalized with variable data• Single use/multiple use
• Ticket = souvenir of the event• Hologram & micro-printing• Mag Stripe• ISO 7810 dimension• RFID Chip embedded• Customized artwork design• Personalized with variable data• Single use/multiple use
• One-time use only• Waterproof• Tamper-evident• Personalized with variable data• Embed with HF or UHF chips• Security lock prohibits reuse

Inspection System

• Applet enables the inspection of tickets at the venue entrance
• Virtual SAM decrypts the data read from the card
• Database is uploaded to the NFC mobile phone before event
• Reader matches data extracted from chip to data in database
• Anti-pass-back technology prevents ticket fraud
• NFC mobile phone can be used offline
• Works with existing fixed turnstiles or handheld devices
• Data is collected to generate reports and statistics

phone at soccer stadium

Reports & Statistics

• Real-time analysis during or after the event
• Number of access per gate
• Number of access per time slot
• Number of non-authorized tickets at the gates
• Customizable statistics
• Percent of access compared to sold tickets
• Percent of access per gate
• Number of tickets entered per time slot & more!

fans at music concert

RFID e-Wallet

Combines a payment solution and a secured access control token for a smooth customer experience


The Smart Ticket can be pre-charged with a minimum amount of money to use for transactions inside the venue during the event. This feature can leverage real money, points, or discounts of any kind, allowing the tickets to be used for collecting prizes, promotions etc.

  • Online transaction using NFC mobile phone as POS terminals
  • Smart ticket can be recharged in a specific area in the venue
  • Users can check the status of their account using their smart phone
  • Real-time reconciliation of accounts and balance management
Versatile Chip OS
Calypso Compliant
picture of a man tapping a card against a reader


  • ISO Compliant
  • Calypso Compliant
  • Multi-application
Cipurse Compliant
circuit board


  • ISO Compliant
  • Cipurse Compliant
  • Multi-application