Biometric Identification & Authentication Technologies

A broad range of proven biometric technologies to empower people to access services, places and data through trusted identities.

Global Leader in Biometrics

Biometric technologies use a person’s unique physical traits — such as their iris, voice, face or fingerprints — to authenticate, verify and identify them. The technology is gaining traction because not only does it deliver the highest level of accuracy, security and efficiency, but it’s also easy to use and empowers a seamless, frictionless user experience.

Driven by years of innovation, HID Global offers a broad range of biometric technology systems that benefit any transaction requiring irrefutable proof of identity — such as access control, customer onboarding, fraud prevention, loss prevention, time and attendance, forensic investigation, background checks, border security and government benefit issuance.

Why Biometrics

Strengthened Safety
and Security

The use of unique biological characteristics delivers the most reliable and accurate identity authentication and verification of a person.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Using biometric identification eliminates the cost of maintaining or replacing worn-out systems as well as the need to recover forgotten passwords.

Improved Customer Experience
Biometrics are seamless, secure and fast to use. No more usernames or passwords to remember for a more positive and secure user experience.

A More Reliable and
Secure Approach to Compliance

Biometric systems deliver the only irrefutable proof of presence with true identity, making it easy to comply with regulatory requirements.

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Top Use Cases of Biometrics

We provide peace of mind to a great array of organizations and industries who know that they are getting the highest level of safety and security through trusted identity.

Our biometric identification and authentication technologies have been time-tested in the following use cases:

Biometric Product Portfolio

Why HID for Biometrics

Unparalleled Technology
Combining our patented multispectral imaging (MSI) technology with advanced Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) algorithm, we deliver the strongest resilience against spoof attacks with passive liveness detection.

High Security and Privacy
Our biometric solutions are designed with the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) methodology to minimize business risks for our customers. They are also developed using privacy-by-design, meeting worldwide privacy regulations.

Compliance and Top Test Rankings
Our technologies meet regulatory compliance through rigorous industry testing, including HIPAA, JCO, DEA-EPCS, CFR Title 21 SS 130.06, FIPS 201, FDA, FBI, EBTS Appendix F, PAD, GDPR, iBETA and earning top NIST ranking.

Flexible, Scalable and Fully Customizable
We offer a broad range of biometric technologies and modality. From hardware to SDK to complete solutions, we have the right technology to meet your changing requirements as your business grows.

Voice of Customer Approach
Voice of customer is a critical part of HID’s product innovation process, enabling us to deliver solutions that our customers TRULY need for their business.

Global Resources, Local Support
HID Global has over 4,000 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. We have a global network that delivers support locally.

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