Biometric Readers and Modules

An essential part of a complete authentication solution is knowing with certainty the identity of the individual initiating the transaction. Explore extended access technology, government and physical access control solutions.

Extended Access Technologies

Single Finger Readers – Fast, accurate, and reliable fingerprint capture.
Single Finger Modules – A portfolio of optical and silicon modules to meet a range of applications.
Tenprint Readers – Industry-leading tenprint livescan capture for ultimate performance, reliability and flexibility.
Tenprint Modules – This premium tenprint reader was specifically designed to be built into kiosks, e-Gates and workstations.

Citizen Identification

Multimodal Biometric Devices – Combining fingerprint with other biometric modalities for mobile rapid ID and identity management.
Palm Print Scanners – Superior performance and liveness detection with enhanced accuracy and image capture speed.
Mobile Readers – Versatile biometric handhelds for truly mobile applications.
Mobile Modules – HID® NOMAD™ mobile fingerprint modules offer both single finger and ten print options.
Iris Scanners – Compact, portable, dual iris capture.
Cabinets – Purpose-built models protect your technology investment.
Jumpkits – Highly configurable jumpkits to meet your deployment needs.

Physical Access Control Systems

iCLASS SE® RKLB40 – Contactless smart card reader designed for door applications requiring multi-factor authentication including biometric templates.
Signo™ 25B – The HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B introduces fingerprint authentication to the growing Signo platform from HID Global.
pivCLASS® Biometric Reader – For use in areas requiring the highest level of security, this dynamic reader meets the FIPS-201 criteria for “Controlled”, “Limited” and “Exclusion” access areas.

Biometrics Privacy

As with any personal data usage, the increased application of biometrics globally has led to growing concerns about who is using biometrics, for what purpose, for how long, and how well the data is safeguarded. Luckily, the benefits of biometrics far surpass the challenges of adhering to regulations. Learn more about understanding and complying with biometric regulations.