Banking & Financial

HID Global provides a wide range of convenient yet secure banking solutions to help enterprises secure facilities and ATMs while protecting customer data and online transactions.

The Future of Banking in a Connected World

Today, a person’s digital identity has become their passport for access to real and virtual space as well as a tool used to complete in-person and online transactions. To safeguard customer’s trust, financial institutions must be future-ready: combating cyber threats and protecting the integrity of client data in real time while creating a safe working environment for employees and customers alike. Deploying HID Global’s layered authentication and out-of-band authentication solutions ensures that every online, mobile and onsite transaction is trusted and verified.

HID Global provides a wide range of convenient and secure banking solutions to help enterprises:

  • Protect Sensitive Customer Data — Assess risk and combat cybercrime using intelligence-based authentication and real-time threat and fraud detection solutions to protect customers' online transactions.
  • Secure Facilities and ATMs — Provide a safe and secure working environment through advanced physical access control solutions that leverage Seos® technology.
  • Exceed Customer Expectations — Equip your tellers and associates with the ability to place fully functional, ready-to-use debit and credit cards into your customer’s hands within minutes, using HID TRISM™ Financial Instant Issuance from HID Global.

Biometric Authentication

  • Provides superior biometric security in real-world environments, irrespective of physical conditions or users’ race, gender or age
  • Includes world-class liveness detection, spoof prevention and proof of life
  • Utilizes the highest level of tamper proofing and data encryption for data integrity

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