Workplace Safety & Health

Location Services


HID Global is a trusted resource in physical access, network security, location services and other security applications across many industries. Extending these services into new operational procedures is a secure next step to ensure workplaces are safe for your employees to return to the office or operations floor — and to comply with new government mandates designed to reduce the potential threat of communicable diseases.

HID Location Services delivers an IoT Enterprise Enablement Platform to meet the newly required policies outlined by governments and health agencies around the world. HID provides organizations a secure and digital solution to address social/physical distancing, contact tracing and hand hygiene that leverages real-time location (RTL), proximity-based location services and cloud technologies to:

  • Empower a safe working environment for employees and visitors
  • Adhere to regulatory mandates
  • Restore productivity and employee confidence
  • Empower employees to be safe without compromising privacy
  • Measure performance, enable quantifiable accountability and gain real-time insight into a historical trail of interactions through data intelligence and analytics