Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Whether it’s using biometrics to authenticate into a network, managing identities and credentialing within airports, or securing an entire ecosystem of connected IoT devices, HID Global has identity solutions for Zero Trust environments.

An End-to-End Identity and Access Management Solution

The expanding threat landscape is leaving organizations more exposed than ever to compromise. At HID Global, we understand that no person, device, or workplace can go unprotected. This philosophy of Zero Trust drives us to create new advances in risk-based multi-factor authentication, leads us to secure user identities in converged access environments and drives the need to expand implementations with our industry-leading digital certificates and PKIaaS solution to manage them at scale.

Key solution highlights:

  • Advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensures that only necessary users gain access to critical networks, applications and data—with the highest level of convenience possible.
  • Secure physical and logical access management that supports Zero Trust security initiatives at all levels, including who is accessing what areas within your workspace.
  • Identity management and credentialing ensure that users and devices are securely issued high assurance factors and that their identity lifecycle is managed properly.
  • Insights, analytics, and reporting tie complex data together through ai-powered intelligence, allowing for rapid decision-making as well as meeting compliance requirements on time.

Industry Leading Experience

Workforces and consumers across the world use HID Global IAM software and credentials, and they are trusted by thousands of customers in finance, healthcare, government, critical industries, and enterprises of all sizes.


HID Global IAM products protect more than 85 million user identities


HID IdenTrust digital certificates protect more than 6 billion payment transactions per year


HID Global's Credential Management System has issued more than 50 million credentials to date


Our Customers

Leading organizations across varied industries trust HID solutions for secure digital identities and seamless user authentication.

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