Multi-application operating systems providing access control to transportation, sporting events, membership programs, e-purse applications and tourist venues.

Powering access control for transportation systems

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. 10 Asian cities – Delhi, Tokyo, Osaka, Karachi, Jakarta, Mumbai, Shanghai, Manila, Seoul and Beijing –already have more than 20 million people. This increased urbanization requires modern transportation solutions.

HID Global has been at the forefront of access control for many years, and has extensive solutions for transportation systems. Our multi-application operating systems can be integrated with existing hardware, giving you maximum flexibility.

ticketing terminal

Ticket Kiosks & Hardware

HID Global provides a range of ticketing and payment solutions for vehicles, gates and turnstiles and standalone workstations.

  • Ticket Readers and Validators
  • Ticketing Mobile Terminals
  • Self-Service Terminals
  • Self-Service Payment Terminals

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Software Components

  • Data Capturing — fully customizable; web-based or connected to your central database
  • Key Management System — generate keys & certificates for data encryption of e-tickets
    • Highly secure
    • Supports various cryptographic algorithms
    • SAM/VSAM personalization and monitoring
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Smart Tokens

• Security & service at a lower cost• Visible and invisible UV fibers• Invisible UV fluoforms• UV Ink & micro-printing• Hologram & guilloche• Customized dimensions• Personalized with variable data• Single use/multiple use
• Ticket = souvenir of the event• Hologram & micro-printing• Mag Stripe• ISO 7810 dimension• RFID Chip embedded• Customized artwork design• Personalized with variable data• Single use/multiple use
• One-time use only• Waterproof• Tamper-evident• Personalized with variable data• Embed with HF or UHF chips• Security lock prohibits reuse

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Middleware for Mobile Applications

HID Global develops libraries in a .NET environment to manage technology standards (e.g. Calypso, Cipurse, Kiat) on our smart cards with any Card Data Model. Our middleware can manage data signatures within a Hardware Security Module (HSM)—avoiding the need for physical modules.


Host Card Emulation (HCE)

HCE creates a virtual smart card on NFC-enabled smartphones, allowing the mobile devices to act as secure “virtual travel tickets.” Tap the smartphone over a ticketing reader, the ticket is validated, and the barrier opens.

  • Turnkey solution to easily implement mobile ticketing, based on HCE technology, in any existing automated fare-collection system
  • Works on top of 7816-4 & uses the ISO Select_AID command to connect
  • HCE Android MIDlet for Calypso, Cipurse & KIAT emulation—ready to integrate into a third-party app
  • Android libraries for the management of Type A and Type B smart cards using NFC technology
  • HCE backend is a secure gateway to the MIDlet

Calypso Networks and Cipurse logos

Ticketing Services & Support

HID Global offers complete support, personalization, and fulfillment services for ISO Standard smart cards, and paper-based tickets and wristbands.

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Versatile Chip OS
Calypso Compliant
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  • ISO Compliant
  • Calypso Compliant
  • Multi-application
Cipurse Compliant
circuit board


  • ISO Compliant
  • Cipurse Compliant
  • Multi-application