Oil & Gas

HID identity and access management solutions (IAMS) provide trusted identity authentication — enabling oil, gas and energy sector companies to secure facilities, protect critical systems and exceed operational expectations.


Oil & Gas in a Digitized IoT Universe

The Zero Trust model accepts that digital business assets cannot be adequately protected by network perimeter firewalls and passwords. With modern distributed computing, the people and things accessing global IT and mission critical OT systems are authorized and monitored through continuous, risk-based, strong authentication solutions. High assurance identity lifecycle management has quickly become foundational to cybersecurity defense.

Providing trusted identity authentication and lifecycle management for people, places and things, HID IAMS will:

  • Protect Critical Systems – Eliminate system breaches from spoofed or stolen ID credentials by employing risk-based, strong authentication and real-time threat detection.
  • Secure Facilities – Use MFA and risk-based authentication factors to control and monitor physical and IT/OT system access.
  • Exceed Operational Expectations – Deliver optimal flexibility, coverage, ease of administration and user acceptance with the broadest array of authentication factors which can be delivered on-premises, via the cloud and through hybrid deployment capabilities.

Biometric Authentication

  • Provides superior biometric security in real-world environments, irrespective of the harsh physical conditions present at remote oil and gas substations.
  • Utilizes a superior level of tamper proofing and data encryption, assuring data integrity in highly-digitized, secure oil and gas environments.
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