Cards and Credentials

Choice matters when it comes to credential technology. This is why HID offers the industry’s widest selection of open, secure credentials. Browse our extensive offering to choose what best meets your organization’s needs – from technology to form factor and beyond.

Top-Tier, Multi-Application Credentials

Seos card and mobile credential


Highly secure, convenient
and mobile-ready credentials from HID
DESfire EV3 card


The most feature-rich implementation
of DESFire EV3 available

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Extended Use Case Credentials

Crescendo card


Authentication smart cards and security keys
for converged physical and logical access
ActivID cards


Authentication tokens for data
and cloud applications

Additional High-Frequency Credentials

iCLASS SE® cards


High and ultra-high frequency
SIO-enabled credentials
iCLASS® cards


High-frequency contactless
smart card credentials
Legic cards


Smart card credentials
for use with LEGIC prime
FlexSmart®/MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 cards

FlexSmart®/MIFARE® DESFire® EV1

High-frequency contactless
smart card credentials

Legacy, Low-Frequency and Other Credentials

HID Prox cards

HID Prox

Support legacy HID Prox credential populations
Indala® Proximity cards

Indala® Proximity

Support legacy Indala Prox credential populations
HITAG cards


Solution for contactless
smart card credentials
UltraCard™ cards


Non-technology ID cards

Unlock your office with iPhone and Apple Watch.

With employee badge in Apple Wallet, employees can access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, multi-function printers, and much more using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s easy, convenient and secure. Employee badge in Apple Wallet integrates into existing access control systems, is simple to distribute and manage, and takes advantage of the built-in security features of iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Apple watch and Apple Wallet on iPhone